1. Formation 

In accordance with the directive of Rotary International to Give special attention to the possibilities of creating additional clubs in large cities the Rotary Club of Colombo decided to release a part of its territory to organize and sponsor a new Rotary Club to be known as the Rotary Club of Colombo West. .The territory of the new Club is Municipal Wards of Hunupitiya, Wekande, Kollupitiya, Bambalapitiya and Haveloclk Town Accordingly a meeting was convened by Rotarian Jimrny (J.C. Nilgiriya, Rotary District Governor’s Special Representative). Rotarian Emmaa (Emmanuel Muuttukumaru), Rotary District Governor’s Group Representative), Rotarian Park{ (P. Nadesan, President Rotary Club of Colombo), Rotarian Shanti (S.C. Banker, Rotary Governor, District 320) on 19th June, 1961, at the Galle Face Hotel, Jubilee Room at 5.15 p.m. and at this meeting the new Club was formed.

2. Charter Presentation

Charter Presentation was made by Rotary International President Joseph Abey
at a Dinner Dance held on 20th August 1961 at Galle Face Hotel.

3. Charter Members

The following were the charter members of the club K.H. Qrarn, A.H.L.A. Saleem, T. Sri Ramanathan, Roland Wanigatunga, S.T.B. Harasagama, Cecil Perera, E.L. Rosal, Winston Mellis Fernando,Prema Fernando, Sardha Ratnavira, ~..H.R. Astbury, R~le de Soysa, R. Balasubramaniam, D.M. Fernando, P. Isles, M.B. Dodamvela, A.M Pracha Dr. W.B. Tudor, X.A. Jayarajah, Albert Edirisinghe, A. Ramanathan,
Dr.M.M uttukumaru, Dr. Jo Francis Silva and N. W. Joseph.


4. Significant events during the first 25 years

During the first 25 years the Club has been engaged in a balance program and some of the significant achievements are listed below in the following order. Club service, Vocational service, Community service , Youth service and International service .

Club Service

1973/74 – R.I. President Bill Carter visited and addressed a Joint meeting
of Rotary Club of Colombo West and Scout Council.
1976/77 – Club won the Best Club award for Sri Lanka clubs.
1978/79 – Club hosted the District Assembly.
1979/80 – Club won the Best Club award for Sri Lanka clubs.
1980/81 – Club won the Best Club award for Sri Lanka Clubs
1981/82 – President, Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader of Sri Lanka
Attended a Luncheon meeting of the Club on 9th June 1982.
1982/83 – A member of the Club was unanimously elected District Governor nominee
1983/84 – Directory of Rotarians of Sri Lanka was published.
1985/86 – Rotary Information Seminar conducted.


Vocational Services

1972/73 – Computer Programming Course with I.B.M 22 students participated.
1973/74 – Seminar on Industrial Safety , Health and Welfare was conducted.
1975/76 – a) Seminar on Printing and Publishing organised.
b) Five girls trained in a course of Batik.
c) System Analysis course conducted with I.B.Mf 13 participants.
1982/83 – a) Seminar on Company, Law conducted .
b) Teaching of English Programme conducted.
1984/85 – a) Spoken English classes conducted.
b) Career Guidance Seminar organized.


Community Services

1964/65 – a) Water Service – jayanthi Orphanage
b) Childrens Play Ground at Armour Street.
1968/69 – a) Ophthalmic & Dental Clinic Equipment to A.C.B.C.
b) Lighting System to Kurunegala Stadium.
c) providing of carved Entrance door to Navarangahala.
d) Erection of Road Safety Boards.
1976/77 – a) Eye Camp conducted. 1100 Patients screened. 12 operations
conducted and spectacles supplied.
b) Tree Planting Scheme conducted.
1978/79 – Save the Childrens Sight Campaign to coincide with International
year of Child.
1979/80 – Rotary 75th Anniversary Project was conducted at Station passage.
1980/81 – Six Motor Cycles were donated to the Leprosy Eradication
Prorgramme of Health Ministry.
1982/83 – Tree Planting Campaign was conducted.
1984/85 – Water Sanitation Project at PUBUDUPURA, Bandaragama inaugurated
1985/86 – Continuation of PUBUDUPURA Village Development Project.


Youth Services

1961/62 – Equipping TOCH Boys Club workshop.
1971/72 – Youth Camp at Sports Ministry.
1973/74 – a) Rotaract Club of Colombo West was inaugurated on lOth August 197-
b) Youth Camp conducted. 30 participants.
1980/81 – a) Youth Camp held.
b) Youth Leaders Training Course was conducted along with
Sri Lanka Youth Council.
1981/82 – Youth Camp was held attended by 30 persons.
1982/83 – Holiday Camp for Rural Youth conducted.
1983/84 – a) Interact Club of Visakha Vidyalaya Formed.
b) A RYLA Camp organised.
1984/85 – Interact Club of Museaus College formed.
1985/86 – Interact Clubs of St. Bridget’s Convent and Buddhist Ladies for


International Services

1968/69 – a) Ceylon week conducted in 141 Rotary Clubs in U.S.A. and
40 clubs in France .
b) Hosting 6 young people room the
1971/72 – Donation of 1987 Ibs of Tea for Refugees of East Pakistan.
1973/74 – Five Young people were hosted from the
1975/76 – A student from Sri Lanka was sent to U.S.A. on Student Exchange
prograrnme and one received from U.S.A. to study in )Sri Lanka.
1979/80 – Young Ambassador from Bringham Young University was hosted
and 2 Musical Shows conducted.
1980/81 – US$ 4453 was contributed towards notary Foundation and Club
reached 1000% Plateau in contributions.
1981/82 – US$ 2157 was contributed to Rotary Foundation to bring the
club plateau to 1400%
1985/86 – As at 30th June 1986 our clubs contributions to Rotary Foundation
stood at US$ 11340/46 acheiving a 2100% plateau and club had 5
Paul Harris Fellows and 14 Paul Harris sustaining Members