Club Service


  1. The first event for the year was the Installation held on the 6th of July. It was a successful event with 260 participating and having a good time. a significant number of District officials were present at the event, highlighting the importance of the Club in the District. Special mention must be made of the presence of RI President Nominee for 2015-16 K R Ravindran.The accounts are not out, but believe we raised around Rs 850,000 (before printing cost) from the event towards projects. For club service activity we believe we should have managed to raise around Rs 200,000 from ticket sale difference including the raffle sales.Event was publicized in the press, and shortly in two fashion magazines as well.

  3. The 53rd Birth Anniversary of the Club was celebrated on the 31st of July weekly meeting at the Galadari Hotel, with the cutting of the birthday cake and a special meal served with wine to mark the occasion. Speeches were also made by Past Presidents.

  5. As there has been requests from the newer members that luncheon meeting is not adequate to get to know most of the members of the club, and also as a measure of improving fellowship, we will try out initially once in 3 months an evening meeting followed by dinner, where the spouses would be also invited to join on payment . The first such function was held on the 28th of August and it was a great success. We arranged for an entertainment skit by Indu Dharmasena instead of the usual guest speaker given the nature of the evening. . Members paid the same amount they pay for weekly lunch whilst others would pay Rs 1,500. Almost 80 persons attended the event.

  7. Oktoberfest function in association with Hilton has been fixed for the 30th of October. Kapila will do a good job as usual, and we need to get the participation of the other clubs as well. We don’t expect to pick up any short fall for this event. We are awaiting pricing details to be finalized with the Hotel, before we publicize the event to other clubs in the District. District Governor and Anne has agreed to grace the occasion.

  9. A family outing has been planned for Sunday the 17th of November, at the Holiday Bungalow of PP Elmo at Bolgoda. The date has been chosen during the CHOGAM sessions in Colombo and in any event the city would be kind of closed for any activity, so this would be a good getaway. We expect to price the event minimally to attract a good turnout.

  11. Christmas party has been fixed for the 11th of December at the Galadari Hotel. No pricing has been worked out yet, but possible that we could end up with a cost of around Rs 40,000 mainly for decoration, prizes etc.
    Plan for the 1st half of 2014 would be worked out based on the feedback we receive for this year’s program. However it is the intention to continue the once in 3 months evening meeting and perhaps one fellowship function where the billing would be minimal, so that everyone could have a good time. This depends on the final excess we end up with once the Installation accounts are finalized.
    So the calendar is as follows :  ( Items completed is in bold)

July 6 – Installation
July 31 – Birth Anniversary
Aug 28 – Evening meeting

Oct 30 – Oktoberfest
Nov 17 – Family outing at Bolgoda
Dec 11 -X Mas party