Community Services

Cataract Surgery

Total 61 Cataract Surgeries to be done @ LKR 510000/

17 Surgeries done in July 2021.

August & September – could not have done any surgeries due to lockdown and curfew restrictions. Therefore from October onwards the surgeries will resume.

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Enviornmental Project

Tree  Planting and Butterfly Gardens At General Cemetery – Borella.

Total Project cost: LKR 431000/ Collaboration with Federation of Environmental Organisation/Sri Lanka.

Applying for District Grant of LKR:125000/

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Ayathi Centre

Toal Project cost LKR 90 Million
Will be Focussing on Immediate Priority.and we are working on USD:30000/ Worth Equipments this year with Global Gant.
Already received full list of requirements from Ayathi Centre.

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Special Projects

A) Hole in the Heart Surgeries for Poor children. 10 Surgeries to be done in Sri lanka @ cost of LKR 4.5 Million 2 Surgeries Already done in August 2021 Balance Surgeries to be planned in coming months.Due to Panademic , one of the Generous Donor who promised two surgeries /month , He is facing […]

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