Hon. Sajith Premadasa rocks Rotary Club of Colombo West

2017 was kicked off in an auspicous manner with the Cabinet Minister of Housing and Samurdi,  Deputy Leader of the United National Party (UNP) Hon. Sajith Premadasa adressing the club on the 4th of Janurary’17.

Roshan Perera, the president of RCW was gracious in his welcome of the minister and mr. David the high commisioner for seychells in sri lanka and mr. Aaron  Sundsmo, senior director of Plan International USA. The meeeting was filled to capacity with the rotarians and guests  filled with enthusiasm for the New Year of service.

Hon. Sajith informed the gathering of his many projects to help the deprived, including his hugely succesfull Samata Sevana Housing project which is nearing completion of  148 new Udagammana villages , he  also stressed the gravity of the housing issue in Sri Lanka by saying that there are  5.1 million families in the country with Fifty percent have serious housing problems.

Rotary hopes to partner with  the honoured  minister by atleast buiding one village consisting of 20 houses at a cost of 8 million rs.

Sri Lanka’s only fulltime politician made the aftenoon a memerable one indeed by participating in a singalong after his imaculate speech, he proved he is truly a man of the people with his humility and flair.

PP Pradeep Amirthanayagam delivered the vote of thanks mentioning that this was the longest meeting RCW has ever had ! :) while thanking mr. Lakshman Fonseka for making this possible,… Nadie Kahatapitiya Algama introduced the minister and contributed with her vocal talents together with PP Jit to help make it one rocking afternoon with a Minister ! :’ ))

roshan-perera-sajith-premadasa-cabinet-minister-sri-lanka sajith-premadasa-pradeep-nadie-rotary nadie-rotary-sri-lanka

sajith-premadasa-rotary roshan perera nadie-kahatapitiya-algama pradeep-sajith-roshan-harsha roshan-perera roshan-perera-sajith-premadasa-pradeep-amirthanayagam roshan-perera-sajith-premadasa-rotary rotary rotary-sri-lanka sajith-premadasa-rotary-nadie sajith-pradeep-roshan-harsha-david