CB Governor Dr. Indrajith Coomaraswamy adresses Rotary Colombo West

Roshan Perera the President of RCW warmly welcomed Dr. Indrajith Coomaraswamy to a hall filled to the capacity by fellow Rotarians, Rotary Govenour Senake Amarasinghe was also present along with many guests.

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Dr. Coomaraswamy in his speech, outlined the Government’s policies which he stressed should be pro-active and not merely for short term political expedience. He drew the attention of the audience to continuing worrying situation of the twin deficits; the budget deficit and deficit on trade. He reiterated that economic reforms are necessary, but should be consistent and steered with commitment and a clear goal of the envisioned outcome. He also spelt out proposed plans for economic recovery through  the twin pillars for economic transformation, namely Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’s)and Exports.



The speech was followed by a Q & A session enabling members to air their concerns and clarify doubts regarding the proposed roadmap for economic progress.

Rotary member Lalith Kahatapitiya in his vote of thanks on behalf of all the members, expressed  satisfaction on the fruitful exchange of information and views during the meeting, and agreed that this type of discussion was useful and praised the Governor for his frank and genuine views and appraisal of the current economic status of the country

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